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The Power of the Internet

The power of the internet is an amazing thing. After my first book, Life’s Not Over, It Just Looks Different, was published in 2016, I was pleasantly surprised when it began selling in the United States in its first year. I was even more surprised when it started selling in the United Kingdom, and the adventure hasn’t stopped there.

Last week I received an order from another new place, for copies of both of my books, the memoir mentioned above, and Tommy Wants a Guide Dog, the children’s book released earlier this year. The order came from Australia, which now makes six countries where the memoir has sold, and it marks a fourth country for Tommy and his guide dog Licorice, the main characters in the children’s book.

The fact that these books have reached so far is fascinating to me. Never in my wildest dreams had I expected either book to cross borders, much less, cross oceans. All I can say is thank you. Thank you to the universe for helping people find my books. Thank you to the internet for making our world a much smaller place, and thank you most of all to everyone who has taken an interest in my stories and purchased copies.

I often hear people disparaging social media and the internet in general for what they see as useless content, fake news, and a haven for keyboard warriors. I’m not being naive. I know those things happen on the internet every day, but I’m someone who likes to focus on the positives, and what I see from the internet is a resource that has allowed people from places I have yet to visit, to find and order my books.

It has turned the process of writing and self publishing my books into a pretty amazing experience.

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